19 January 2017

  • Head of Business Operations – Philippines for a New York-based technology startup, OnFrontiers.com
  • Writing more frequently, especially on Medium (@chiaracokieng)
  • Reading Harder (2017 reading list)
  • Training wrestling everyday (3 golds so far) — looking for camps and competitions to participate in, especially in Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand

There are so few female freestyle wrestlers in the Philippines that I am willing to compete many weight classes above mine (55kg).

December 2016 takedown competition – versus 67kg

October 2016 takedown competition – versus 73kg

These videos are unlisted. For your eyes only, please do not share.

9 June 2016

26 May 2016

March 2016

  • Training for my first takedown challenge (wrestling) – I won a gold!


  • Looking for opportunities for study and production in biotechnology

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