It wouldn’t surprise me if she winds up having a significant effect on the course on world events. … Seriously, work with her if you can.

Her learning curve is unreal. She goes from not having a skill to putting up organization-wide records quickly. Like, from no sales skills to solidly competent in under a month. Minimal interviewing skills to above average interviewing in three weeks. It’s scary. It’s really scary.

She works hard, she has almost no ego or defensiveness, she likes to learn, and she’s obviously got some natural gift to synthesize and implement new information quickly. I don’t know exactly what she wants to accomplish here on Planet Earth, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she winds up having a significant effect on the course on world events. Seriously, it’s scary how fast she gets good at things, how hard she works, and how diligent she is.

If you get the chance to work with her, do it. And do yourself a favor and get a long term engagement with her if possible… by the end of it you’re going to have a person who went from competent through hard work to potentially producing unreal-seeming world class results. I’m constantly impressed with her. Seriously, work with her if you can.

Sebastian Marshall
Executive Director, CPNC/GiveGetWin

Hi, I am Chiara Cokieng, a startup manager and wrestler who writes.

As of August 2017, I am Director of Research at OnFrontiers is a New York-based Expert Platform that serves knowledge seekers (some of the world’s leading investors, consultants and multinationals) by connecting them with knowledge holders based in emerging markets.

Before that, I was a marketer for tech startups such as,, and My nonprofit work has led me to speak about elite mathematics, powerlifting, and accelerated learning in MIT, NYU, UChicago, and 10+ universities.

My writing has been published in the New York Observer. My approach to work has been used as a case study in New York Times bestselling author Chris Guillebeau’s book, Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do. I am also a competitive freestyle wrestler.

– Work –

Director of Research @

OnFrontiers is a New-York based peer-to-peer knowledge marketplace for business professionals. We serve knowledge seekers – some of the world’s leading investors, consultants and multinationals – by connecting them with knowledge holders based in emerging markets.

Product Marketer @ is a fintech startup built on Blockchain technology.

As technology product marketer, I did 80/20 data analyses to identify where growth is coming from (and where it is not), then planned and executed accordingly.

Execution included (1) writing a weekly newsletter, (2) creating Facebook advertising, (3) optimizing referral campaigns, (4) managing social media, (5) collaborating w/ the development team to make UX improvements, and (6) making product decisions. I figured out what’s important to do and then did that.

For my approach on growth marketing, read Why and how can improve retention in the next 60 days (published on

Tech: Mixpanel, Vero, Google Analytics, Intercom

Chief Marketer @ and

As head of sales and marketing, I led strategy and execution, including customer development, value proposition development, and user acquisition.

I am most proud of doubling recurring revenue by quadrupling the price from $9 to $39/month. We accomplished this via (1) an unconventionally long sales page (webpage), establishing superior positioning, and (2) an automated email sequence soft-selling the product.

“Chiara made a huge and lasting impact on the team.”

Chiara worked for me directly on two different products, SoHelpful and All Aboard! Both were early-stage, web-based startups where our product and addressable market will not well-defined. Chiara made a huge and lasting impact on the team.

She helped define our ideal customers, wrote educational marketing content (drip email courses, guest blog posts, email marketing newsletters) that helped to build our audience and grow sales. She developed a guest blog post marketing strategy that resulted in content on several high-traffic sites. She also developed and managed our sales pipeline through our CRM, identified and curated qualified leads, sent direct marketing emails and conducted sales calls that resulted in early paying customers.

It was a real pleasure working with Chiara, she takes feedback well and does an incredible job learning about best marketing practices from experts in the field. I would definitely hire Chiara again and look forward to working with her.

Kevin Dewalt
Founder,; American entrepreneur and Angel investor

Interviews with SaaS industry leaders

Content marketing posts on customer onboarding

CopywritingLive sales page, PDF

Email marketing: Email series in our autoresponder sales course: Get Your First 100 Customers

See what our dozens of customers say about me in my SoHelpful profile


Tech: GitHub, Mailchimp,

Director of Audience, Speaker, Volunteer @ GiveGetWin / Children’s Plaza Nonprofit Corp.

As a volunteer… “Chiara successfully set up charity deals through cold outreach with a number of her heroes, including Derek Sivers (built the largest independent music distributor online, CDBaby, and later sold it for $22M), Noah Bradley (artist who has been the illustrator for Magic the Gathering cards among other things), and Charlie Hoehn (author and marketer; was the Special Projects Director for Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi’s bestselling book launches).”

Quoted from 2016 GiveGetWin Summer Camp (where I was the top winner in 2013)

Product pages and interviews:

As Director of Audience and Speaker in the 2-month North America speaking tour, I organized events at, and spoke in, NYU, MIT, and 10+ universities.

I spoke about elite mathematics competitions, powerlifting, and accelerated learning.

Here’s what people said:

I spoke after Chiara during the early-2015 Gotta Be Good Tour in the SF Bay Area. She was engaging, had a powerful story and told it well. I won’t spoil it, but it’s worth your time to ask her about the weightlifting story.

Noah Gibbs
Ruby Fellow, AppFolio; entrepreneur and full-stack generalist

Chiara is a powerful speaker. She does an amazing job of tying in inspirational stories with extremely valuable takeaways. I left her speech with a new perspective on business and networking.

Dave Perrotta
Author, Entrepreneur, and Copywriter

Entrepreneur / Founder, Location Asia

I founded Location Asia, a travel concierge business, as an experiment in entrepreneurship.

It was on track to make 5-figures (USD) annually within three months of my starting it, before I ultimately decided it wasn’t for me.

Location Asia formed the foundation of my education in sales, business development, and operations.

I’m constantly impressed by her service and highly recommend it.

Edmund Lowell
Emerging Markets Entrepreneur, Investor

“The experience is one of pure love … signing on with Location Asia is simply a no-brainer.”

Since I’ve started using Location Asia for my travel bookings, the experience is one of pure love. Chiara and her team not only know every detail, down to what seats and rows I prefer to fly, but they continue to over-deliver on service and knowledge of travel in Asia. For anyone who travels somewhat regularly in this region, sigining on with Location Asia is simply a no-brainer.

Elisa Doucette
Owner and Managing Editor, Craft Your Content Editorial Agency

Business Analyst @ Mitchell Madison Group

My first job out of college is with MMG, a global management consulting firm.

Working with more than $500 million in spend and 500,000 lines in Excel, I (1) met with internal stakeholders to collect data, (2) cleaned it, and (3) created financial models in Excel to analyze, strategize, and compute how much we can save them via supplier consolidation and other strategic sourcing methods.

My time was split between Manila, Philippines and our client’s offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Little Rock, Arkansas.

– Freestyle Wrestling –

I am a competitive freestyle wrestler, training under Coach Juan Alberto Balde, former president of the Wrestling Association of the Philippines, with New Era University’s wrestling team.

– Education –

University of the Philippines, Diliman

  • Magna cum laude, BS Business Economics, minor in mathematics
  • Co-wrote thesis, “The Social Cost of Uninformed and Unplanned Reproductive Health Behavior,” finalist for Gerardo P. Sicat Award for Best Thesis

– Elsewhere –

– Connect –

Email me at Or read the latest on me on Medium.


photo credit: Kai Zau