sebast-marshIf you get the chance to work with her, do it.

Sebastian Marshall
Interim COO, ChaseFuture
Shanghai, China

kevin-dewaltChiara made a huge and lasting impact on the team.

Kevin Dewalt
Founder, and
Savannah, Georgia, USA

james-chartrandShe’ll invest herself in your business success and deliver both solid work and results in short order.

James Chartrand
Owner, Men With Pens

Me in 3 bullets

Me speaking @ UChicago Innovation Exchange

Me speaking @ UChicago Innovation Exchange

  • I’m a self-taught entrepreneur, startup marketer, and copywriter. Here’s a summary of my projects.
  • I’m obsessed with reading, writing, and lifting weights. Here’s my reading list and my blog. I do Crossfit and last I checked, I deadlift 200lbs and bench press 160lbs.
  • My superpower is the combined ability to (1) empathize and (2) analyze. Hence, my obsession with storytelling and Direct Marketing.

Still here? Here’s more about my background:

  • Spent most of my 3-year career consulting for American clients (with MMGMC, a McKinsey spinoff), marketing to American startups (remote; with American startup, and speaking to an American audience (MIT, UChicago, NYU; with nonprofit organization GiveGetWin).
  • Education: Magna cum laude from #1 university in the Philippines (UP Diliman); most pre-college education was spent not in class, but training for and competing in math competitions (national and international).
  • Chinese Filipino; grew up in the Philippines (Fluent English, Filipino, and Hokkien Chinese; Mandarin Chinese is a work in progress)

CURRENT UPDATE: What I’m doing now

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